WCAX Made in Vermont segment for KarvTek


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from KarvTek!


We are now making Custom Edge Lit Signs for customers to purchase.



The sign comes with a hardwood base, an acrylic mirrored or transparent sign and an assembled LED light strip with a 44 Key IR remote control. The remote allows you to choose 20 different colors with optional modes and patterns including: Static/Flash/Strobe/Fade-change/RGB Smooth-change/ Brightness-change.

The hardwood base is 12 inches long and the height of the sign is a random 7 to 12 inches high depending on the design. Larger signs and bases can be made as well.

The acrylic sign is easily interchangeable if you choose to purchase multiple signs with a different theme and still use the same lighted wooden base. This a great option to change your sign out for different occasions.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will design one for you.

Prices start at $125.00



We’ve recently incorporated a “photo to wood” transfer as addition to your engraved plaque. The image on the left is a Christmas tree ornament so that special person that has passed away will always be with you and your family on Christmas day.


photo transfer


Contact us to get one with your favorite poem and an image of your loved one.